Coverage options for 2014

BCN Advantage is a Medicare-approved health maintenance organization. You can select from four plans in the 59 county HMO-POS service area. The extensive physician network includes more than 18,000 doctors1.

If you live in Wayne County, our Local plan is a low-cost plan offered with an exclusive Oakwood Health Center-based hospital and provider network.

Kent, Muskegon and Oceana county residents can select MyChoice Wellness, developed in partnership with Mercy Health. Learn more about the new MyChoice Wellness HMO plan.

All our plans travel with you — you're covered for emergency and urgent care anywhere in the world. Our HMO-POS plans include coverage for routine and follow up care within the United States for traveling members or those who reside outside the state for part of the year.

Two cost-effective options (Local and MyChoice Wellness) offer both medical and prescription drugs without the travel benefit.

Our plans include preventive dental, vision and hearing coverage, as well as added benefits, such as access to fitness facilities, and transportation for medical appointments. Plus, as a BCN Advantage member, you get worldwide emergency medical coverage that travels with you.

We also offer an optional supplemental dental/vision plan. Learn more

Plan options for your health care coverage

All plans:

  • Limit your costs with an annual out-of-pocket maximum
  • Give you a choice of primary care physicians who provide and coordinate your care
  • Cover worldwide emergency medical care and urgent care

Current members:

Change your plan

Currently enrolled members may change their plan for 2014.

Plan Change form
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Add dental/vision coverage

Enrolled in one of our plans? You may add this optional supplemental coverage.

Optional Supplemental form

Learn more about this coverage.

Consider the mix of benefits that are best for you:

Benefits: Elements Basic Classic Prestige Local
(Wayne county only)
MyChoice Wellness
(Kent, Muskegon and Oceana counties only)
Prescription drug coverage2 No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Part D gap coverage for generic drugs2 No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Part D enhanced gap coverage for generic drugs2 No No Yes Yes No Yes
Hearing aid coverage2 Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
Preventive dental coverage Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Routine vision benefits2 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Enhanced vision benefits2 No No Yes Yes No No
Fitness benefits No Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Transportation for medical visits2 Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Over the counter bathroom safety bars Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Optional supplemental dental Available Available Available Available Available Available
Optional supplemental vision Available Available Available Available Available Available
1Source: BCN Advantage Statewide Provider Network Database, August 2013
2Copays and coinsurance may apply

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Important Plan and Benefit Information

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